Victors from the Super Bowl’s Battle of the Brands

If there’s one thing better than the big game, it’s being the judge and jury for the commercials. It takes months for an agency to produce a TV spot, and only seconds for us to decide the fate of their work. According to our crew, these guys did it right.

Tide, “It’s All the Tide Ads”

Tide’s approach to the Super Bowl was an avalanche of awesome. At first, it was a fun play on trite commercials, followed by piggybacking on iconic brand identities that are also members of the P&G fam. By the end of the game, it had everyone guessing which commercial might also be a Tide ad. Poor, poor Persil.


Amazon, “Alexa Loses Her Voice”

Recent campaigns for Amazon’s Alexa are :15 commercials. They tossed aside brevity, and showcased a whopping :90 spot. It was worth every million. It was a spot with a simple premise and packed with unexpected celebrity personalities. However, we will dock this spot .01 points for a missed opportunity to utilize Tom Hardy and his inability to enunciate.


Doritos & MTN Dew, “Tongue Twisters”

Good riddance to 2017’s puppybabymonkey. In an ad of redemption, the Dew-v-Doritos spot was flawlessly bizarre. The execution here made all the difference. The juxtaposition of actors and artists was an excellent choice. Anyone with the ability to lip sync to Busta Rhymes is next level.


Tourism Australia, “Crocodile Dundee 2”

This spot was a payoff for a lot of ground work, including weeks of teaser ads for what appeared to be an actual movie. Just as the audience might have been chalking this up to just another film debut, it presented a twist. Plus, if it were a real movie, it would likely be terrible.


Avocados from Mexico, “#GuacWorld”

Adding avocado to anything is always extra. And this spot was extra. We’re not quite sure if the ideal world would only wear khakis, but we are convinced the perfect avocado would be included and worthy of pandemonium. Of course, a reference to avocado toast is also a directed wink at those coveted millennials.