We’ve all seen bad video production in advertising. Typically, these digital or TV spots are produced for a couple thousand dollars, and you can tell. Bad lighting. Poor acting. Terrible writing. They look like they’ve been shot with a camera phone from 2007. They’re among the spots that give advertising — and the companies they’re done for — a bad name. If you’d like to improve your video production quality, hire us.

In a consumer’s mind, poor production quality equals poor product quality. If your advertising for a car is bad, by association so is your car, and that harms your brand — your most valuable asset.

Dominion Energy, one of our clients, understands the need to have high-quality production. See this spot encouraging people to prep their furnaces for winter.

Your spot is all people see, so treat it like you would your personal social media. They’d much rather see (and you’d rather show) photographs of you in your Sunday best instead of pictures of you in your sweats eating Doritos from the bag. They’ll only see a beautifully shot commercial no matter how much planning, research and media buying you’ve done in preparation.

Unfortunately, this mistake is all too common. A company will spend $500,000 dollars in media, but only $20,000 on creative. It’s like putting tens of thousands of dollars into building a new car, but letting your five-year old paint it with a couple of spray cans.

So, production matters. But didn’t we promise to say how it doesn’t? Well, honestly, it always matters. So yeah, nothing really to add here.

Some of Utah’s most well-known brands use Faktory. You should, too.

If you’d like to up the production quality of your videos or TV spots (and it’s less expensive than you think), hire us.