If all of history were one long movie, it would be extremely monotonous. The exciting parts would be few and far between, with the majority of the movie being of workers stuck in traffic during their commutes, kids sitting in school, and hour after hour after hour of people sleeping. No Oscars being won there, for sure. Faktory’s history is no different. Sure, we have our red carpet moments. But if you were to watch a day of our story, it would consist of pounding out emails at our desks, working through hours-long meetings with clients discussing strategy and Friday all-agency lunches. (Okay, our Friday lunches tradition here is actually pretty exciting.)

Like all great accomplishments, though, the seemingly mundane parts of our history are what have brought about the moments of glory. For example, as two lone creatives back in 2005 without even a name for our fledgling agency, we would have never landed one of the nation’s most respected healthcare systems without the countless hours at McDonalds or the library — we didn’t have office space yet — generating ideas to pitch. Finally renting our first offices, then our second, then our third, and then buying and renovating our own 10,000+ square foot building — none of that happens without tens of thousands of client calls, hundreds of hours doing media strategy and untold weeks on TV shoots.

The accomplishments are the highlight reel portions of our history, and those are called out below. But we’re most proud of having a culture and people focused on putting in the Serena Williams-Lebron James-Lionel Messi type of work it takes to achieve greatness for our clients. And that might actually be our most impressive accomplishment.

A very brief Faktory history

2005: Richard (art director) and Bryant (copywriter) decide to form their second agency after “learning a lot” with two other partners in a previous agency. They get invited to pitch IHC, one of the nation’s leading healthcare systems. They win the pitch and celebrate by coming up with “Factory” as their new agency name, soon changed to “Faktory” because Richard likes how the “k” can make two smoke stacks in a logo. Faktory rebrands IHC as “Intermountain Healthcare.” Intermountain continues today as one of Faktory’s largest and most valued clients.

2006–2007: Faktory moves into office spaces in Clearfield, Utah, North Davis County’s hotbed of advertising (ok, that part is a blatant lie). Faktory lands America First Credit Union, one of the nation’s largest credit unions. Faktory begins doing pro-bono work with Catholic Community Services, Utah’s most trusted resource for refugees and the homeless. Faktory begins winning awards.

2008–2010: Faktory continues to grow in work with both Intermountain and America First. It also adds Manhattan-based ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Bureau) as a client, which involves a lot of traveling to New York and playing video games, both of which the partners are fine with. They add other clients, including Sinclair, Nature’s Way and the LDS Church. New office space is acquired, slightly larger than the first (which isn’t saying much). Faktory wins even more awards.

2011–2012: Faktory adds Dominion Energy to its client roster. It tackles the unique task of convincing consumers to buy less of its client’s product (energy conservation). Faktory also adds the Utah Jazz as a client, helping brand the NBA franchise. Faktory employees begin to tell people they now hang out with NBA players, which is technically true because hey, photo shoots. Faktory moves to its first stand-alone building in Layton, Utah. Services get added. Employees get added. More clients get added, including work for Children’s Miracle Network and Mountain America Credit Union. Oh, and Faktory wins yet more awards.

2013–2015: Faktory adds WCF Insurance (Utah’s largest workers compensation insurance provider) as a client, re-imagining its “Be careful out there” brand. Faktory also adds other clients including Resource Management, a regional HR firm, and Durci Chocolates, a specialty chocolatier. As Faktory continues to grow, the partners begin to search for a building to purchase. Oh, and did we mention the awards?

2016: Getting this out of the way, more awards. Faktory brings on Ken Garff Automotive as a client. Ken Garff is one of the nation’s largest auto dealers and one of Utah’s most recognized brands. The partners also find a building to purchase in Centerville, Utah, just 10 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake City. More employees join the Faktory team.

2017: Faktory moves into its new digs in Centerville, having taken an old real estate office and made it into an agency dream space. Growth continues as Faktory adds Ivanti, an international security software firm, to its client list. More employees are brought on. More services are added. Oh, and awards.

2018: Faktory adds BD Medical to its client list. BD is one of the world’s largest medical products manufacturers. Plans are made to take over the entire 10,000+ square feet of the Faktory-owned building, with renovation to start in July. Growth. Client success. More growth. Happiness. Awards. More happiness.